Froggies was born out of enthusiasm, out of a dream. A dream of wanting to learn from everyone and everything, a dream of wanting to develop creativity in children and adults through games, imagination and creativity.

In order to achieve this dream, we are always at the forefront of new needs in leisure and children and families’ education. At Froggies, we put all our care and affection in every project, so it is unique.

Since 2009, we have fought #PorUnMundoMasFroggies (For A Better Froggies World). Our experience as mothers and professionals have taught us, over time, how to educate and deal with children to make this world a better place.

We want to play and that you play with us.  We want to teach and learn with you. We want to change the world and that the world changes us to constantly improve.


Respect, creativity, game, imagination and love are the values that define our philosophy. And those are the concepts that we apply in each of our projects we carry out.
At Froggies, we believed that respect is, without any doubts, the most solid foundation of our philosophy, and that is the reason why we apply it in all of our children's entertainment.


Our children's entertainers give out all our values and they always apply them while accompanying children.
We believe that educate through conscious games and respect is the first step to improve the world and become better parents, better children and better people. Do you join the change?


  • For our philosophy #FilosofiaFroggies (Froggies Philosophy) based on respect and conscious games.
  • Because creativity define us.
  • For the love and care that we put in all that we do.
  • Because we are at the forefront of new leisure and children’s education trends.
  • Because we always listen.
  • Because our training in pedagogy and children’s psychology.
  • Because our long history.
  • Because we bring new perspectives.
  • Because we want you to be happy.


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