Our relationships with Paloma Balandis from  El Nido de Balandis is a long lasting relationship. Paloma is a passionate persona about Tales, especially those that focus on providing the reader a conscious attitude towards childhood. Paloma has been working with Froggies in our on-line Course “Cuentos de Andar por Casa” and she is a senior advisor in key projects that include any workstream related to literature, tales and childhood. She is also a frequent co-writer of our Blog.  

About the brand

El Nido de Balandis  is a place where childhood is re-considered. Through this web site, Paloma offers online training for conscious parents and children companions, counting with the support of other childhood specialists (including our founder Cristina Saraldi). Through her web site, she offers a place to reconsider how we communicate with children, what we explain them, how tales are written and illustrated and the responsibility of parenting in this context.