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At Froggies, we have a clear aim in mind: to offer successful experiences to children and adults based on conscious games and imagination.

We create personalized events and organized all kinds of activities for families or for companies.

We train children entertainers following a philosophy based on respect, creativity and conscious guidance.

We know how important it is to take special care of the illusions of our children. That is why we work with you to create experiences that make a difference.
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Trabajo en equipo

En Froggies tenemos un claro objetivo: ofrecer experiencias satisfactorias para niños y adultos basándonos en el juego consciente y la imaginación.

What Froggies can do
for Families

We organise customized events directed for every member of your family. Birthdays, weddings, baptisms, communions, children's parties... every occasion is good to fill it up with magic moments together with Froggies.

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What Froggies can do
for Companies

We design customized events for your brand and we act as consultant to any kind of projects, so creativity and imagination are the protagonists. We manage play centres and we train you employees, so they learn a respectful philosophy, not just with children, but with every age.

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    Froggies was born out of hope, out of a dream. Out of wanting to learn from everything and everyone. Out of wanting to improve this world by doing bit, playing and growing. And especially, creating and organizing activities for every member of the house.

    Respect and creativity are the mainstay of our philosophy. Everything we do is filled with care, attention and love. We love game, fun and imagination. And we are committed with a continuous and conscious learning.

    At Froggies, we always play. We believed that games offer us the purest look into the world we live in. They immerse us in a magic reality full of learning and full of possibilities.

    Play with us!

    Trabajo en equipo

    Froggies nace de la ilusión, de un sueño. De querer aprender de todos y de todo.


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